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Brudvig Restoration Ecology Lab

Welcome to the Brudvig Lab! We are ecologists in the Department of Plant Biology at Michigan State University studying the process of ecosystem restoration to combat the biodiversity crisis


About the Lab

Research in the Brudvig Lab seeks to inform the process of ecosystem restoration - the repair of ecosystems damaged by humans. To do this, we work to unite fundamental ecological theory with the practice of ecological restoration to develop and test approaches for restoring damaged ecosystems. At the same time, we use restored ecosystems to test fundamental ecological questions, such as the controls over community assembly and the relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Our work takes place in Midwestern prairies and oak savanna as well as Southeastern longleaf pine ecosystems, focusing on plant populations and communities, plant-animal interactions, and aspects of ecosystem functioning.

Latest Publications

Local site conditions, not landscape context, influence restored plant communities within urban contexts

Emily Conway's first dissertation chapter is out at Restoration Ecology, detailing drivers of plant community variation across urban prairie restorations in Michigan. A key finding was the opposite responses of prairie and non-prairie plant species along gradients of soil attributes, site age, and local climate conditions.

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