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We have open Field Technician positions in longleaf pine woodland restoration

We seek to fill two field technician positions for studies about how the restoration and management of longleaf pine woodlands in the Southeastern United States impacts ground layer plant communities. Longleaf pine woodlands are among the most biodiverse ecosystems outside of the tropics, but are now imperiled due to fire suppression and conversion to various human land uses. Restoration efforts are widespread, but outcomes can be highly variable. The goal of this research project is to develop and test predictive models of longleaf pine woodland restoration methods and outcomes, to guide restoration practice, with a focus on ground layer plant communities. Primary technician job duties will include field-based botanical surveys, collection of soils and other environmental field data, data entry and management, and maintenance of experimental field plot infrastructure.

Positions will begin between March and May 2024, with some flexibility, and will last for 9 months. Pay rate will be $15 per hour. The technicians will work at the Savannah River Site, live in a town near the site (Aiken or New Ellenton, SC, or Augusta, GA), and will join a team led by Lars Brudvig at Michigan State University. Housing is not provided, but low-cost options are available. Successful candidates will have a bachelor’s degree in ecology, natural resource management, forestry, biology, or a related discipline. Previous field research experience is required and botanical field experience is highly desired. The successful applicant must be able to endure hot, humid conditions, full days in the field, and strenuous work including lifting of materials >25 lbs.



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