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Brudvig Lab Alumni


Chris Catano. Emory University

Becky Barak. Chicago Botanic Gardens

Jonathan Bauer. Miami University

Tyler Bassett. Michigan Natural Features Inventory

Nash Turley. Penn State University

Emily Grman. Eastern Michigan University

John Herrmann. Kiel University

Joseph Veldman. Texas A&M University

Chris Habeck. Kutztown University

Brett Mattingly. Eastern Connecticut State University

Graduate Students

Brandon Latorre. M.S., 2024. The effect of seed mix design on plant reproductive output in an experimental prairie system.

Christopher Warneke. PhD 2021. Plant population responses following reintroduction to human-modified landscapes.

Anna (Groves) Funk, Ph.D., 2018. Planting year conditions shape community assembly in restored prairie communities.

Chad Zirbel, Ph.D., 2018. Interpreting variation in restoration outcomes: Functional traits shape community assembly and ecosystem functioning.

Dani Fegan. M.S., 2015. The effects of agricultural legacies and contemporary restoration on seed rain in longleaf pine woodlands.

Undergraduates conducting independent research

Dani Gafford (REU). Effects of salt deposition on prairie plants.

Ovya Venkat (REU). Flowering responses of oak savanna ground layer plants to fire reintroduction.

Isabelle Turner (REPS). Prairie seeding rates and plant establishment.

Lydia Rooney (REU). Meta-ecosystem dynamics during experimental prairie restoration.

Aidan Pace. Effects of restoration age on granivory rates and granivore preferences.

Anna Paraskevopoulos (REU). Effects of prairie restoration on ant communities.

Carolyn Graham (REU). Habitat fragmentation and corridor effects on domatia-dwelling mite communities.

Jenna Walters (REU). Pollen movement within and between restored prairies.

Liz Gibbons. A phylogenetic analysis of forest plant communities at the Morton Arboretum.

Paige Barnes (REU). Why are some individuals demographically important in fragmented landscapes?

Alex Peake (REU). Effects of prairie restoration on pollination of prairie herbs.

Andrew Borin. Competition between witchgrass and sown prairie species during restoration.

Mary Linabury (REU). Patterns of plant-granivore interactions during the early phases of prairie restoration.

Meg Kargul (REU). Effects of corridors on seedling herbivory, growth, and survival of Carphephorus bellidifolius.

Lindsey Kemmerling (REU). Effects of habitat fragmentation and corridors on spatial patterns of herbivory and bee communities.

Matteo Cleary. Effects of corridors on the dioecious herb Nolina georgiana.

Carrie Barker. Agricultural soil legacy effects on longleaf pine understory herbs.

Samantha Stockwell. Effects of fen and oak savanna restoration on satyrid populations.

Alisha Fischer. Effects of agricultural legacies and restoration on longleaf pine community seed rain.

Westley Wallace.  Patch size and neighborhood effects on parasite incidence in Solidago altissima.

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